History of Charles Black Construction


Founded in 1968 upon the foundation of family values with integrity and work ethic at our core, Charles Black Construction Company, Inc. has become one of the premier General Contractors and Construction Managers in North Georgia. Charles Black Construction Company, Inc. is owned and operated by Clark McDonald and Billy Minish, our President and Executive Vice President respectively.  Our company, from the Owners, Project Managers, Superintendents, Office Staff and Employees in the field, offers a team of seasoned professionals who excel in working with our clients, their architects, local and state government agencies and institutions throughout North Georgia. We are extremely blessed to have some of the most qualified and experienced personnel in the industry who take pride in a job well done, as well as, the communities they work in.

In the early 1990’s, Charles Black Construction recognized the many frustrations Owners had with the building process. This lead our staff to pioneer the Construction Management At Risk delivery system in our area to better serve our clients. Since that time, we have successfully completed four hundred fifty-nine (459) Construction Management At Risk projects. In fact, we have completed more K-12 Construction Management At Risk projects in the state of Georgia, more than any other company.  Over the years we have worked in seventeen (17) surrounding school districts using the Construction Management At Risk delivery system. We have performed approximately one hundred (100) Construction Management At Risk projects over the last five (5) years and have completed over one hundred thirty (130) additions and renovations on existing active campuses since 2013.  All of this was achieved while never missing a scheduled Guaranteed Delivery Date (GDD) nor exceeding a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

Charles Black Construction Company encourages participation with each community’s local subcontractors and companies.  We know how important it is to give back to the communities where we work, so we strive to provide opportunities for local companies to benefit from the construction projects that are happening in the area. We have developed a workshop style information setting, where we can meet local companies and encourage participation. Through the solicitation of local bidders, as well as the purchase of goods within the area, these construction projects will contribute to the economic health of your community.

We have acquired our expertise as General Contractors, Design-Builders and Construction Managers through our many years of service and commitment to the North Georgia area. We work hard to ensure that each of our projects provide a facility that the boys and girls, families and communities can be proud of and where they can build memories for years to come.

When you choose a construction company, you also choose the people behind it. Here at Charles Black Construction Company, it is our pleasure to serve our clients, by managing the entire project from beginning to end. Our analysis of your needs at the beginning of a project can save substantial time and money over the course of construction. From the initial bidding process to the final product, Charles Black Construction Company takes the time to understand you as the client, your concerns, and the uniqueness of your projects. We believe the project is not complete until you , the Owner, are completely satisfied.

We are committed to providing the same Safe, Quality Work, On Time and In Budget service for you as we have with all of our clients and look forward to an opportunity to serve you in order to ensure the success of your construction project.